2013 Established TAN HUA STUDIO in London

2013 Master degree of arts in Scenography, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama,  University Of London

2006 to 2012 Lecturer of Shanghai Theatre Academy in stage lighting design

2006 Master degree of arts in stage lighting design, China Central Academy of Drama

2005 Jennifer Tipton lighting desgin workshop

1999 to 2003 Technical manager in China Puppet Theatre

1999 BA in stage technical manage, China Central Academy of Drama


Stage lighting design works



War Horse (Chinese Version ), National Theatre of China

Had You In This Life, direct by He Nian (Nian Theatre)

Under The Hawthorn Tree, direct by Tian Qinxin (National Theatre of China)

Normal Love , direct by Zi Ling

Love and Death, direct by Alon Tiran

The Pillowman, direct by Zhou Ke


Be/In Particular , direct by Gintare Minelgaite

WIMP, direct by Raisa Breslava


Absolut Beauty, Tian Jin People Art Theatre, direct by Tian Qinxin

Amrta Song, Music live in Shanghai Oriental Art Center


Blessing, Opera in Zhe Jiang Pepole Theatre , direct by Wang Yansong

Epoch - making, Shanghai Theatre Academy, direct by Wang Yansong

Queen of coquetry, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, direct by He Nian

Happy Valentine’s Day, direct by Li Li

Search notice, direct by Wang Yong

A woman in black, Shanghai Repertory Theater, direct by Javier Alcina

The woman’s life, Shanghai Theater Academy, direct by Zhou Minghan


Someone is going to come , joint by Shanghai Theater Academy and Ibsen International, Production, direct by He Yan

My washing silk, Kun Opera in Jiangsu Kun Theatre, starring KeJun

Guangfu Huacai , Guang Zhong Yue Opera Theatre, direct by Tian Qinxin

Stockholm adventurer, direct by Li Jianjun

Red Rose and White Rose (fashion version), National Theater of China, direct by Tian Qinxin, Seoul of South Korea art festival in 2010.

Ballet Four Seasons, Shanghai Theater Academy, choreographer Chen Jianian

Open couples , Shanghai Theater Academy, direct by Jin Ye


The gadfly, Shanghai Theater Academy, direct by Gu Yi’an

Guan Gong, Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe, direct by Tian Qinxin

Zheng He’s Offspring, Shanghai Theater Academy, direct by Ma Junfeng

Musical Whitehead Leaf Monkey, Guang Xi Drama Troupe, direct by Tian Qinxin

Loving Couples, Yue Opera Troupe of Zhejiang, direct by Tian Qinxin


8 Femmes, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, direct by  Li Li

Ming, National Theater of China, direct by Tian Qinxin

Crazy’s crazy, Taiyuan Drama Troupe in Shanxi , direct by He Nian

Red Rose and White Rose, National Theater of China, direct by Tian Qinxin, Singapore Chinese Arts Festival in 2011.


Only One Woman , Shanghai Theater Academy, direct by He Yan

The mercy Buddha, Peking Modern Dance Company, direct by Tian Qinxinstage design by Tan Hua.

Centennial Celebration, Henan Drama Theater, direct by Li Lihong

Lanting Fix Bamboo-White Deer Village at Beijing Dance Academy, direct by Zhang Jianmin


Contemporary ballet Shakespeare and His Women, direct by Hu Xuehua

Miss Julie, The Central Academy of Drama, direct by Zhou Shen

Fashion Show, The Central Academy of Drama, director Li Hao


People's Secretary, Henan Drama Troupe, direct by Li Lihong

Classmate Zhao Ping, direct by Tian Qinxin

Browning Translation,The Central Academy of Drama, direct by Luo Yu


Open Country,Beijing Dance Academy, direct by Zhang Jianmin

Lederfresse, Beijing People's Art Theater, direct by Guan Shan and Lin Zhaohua


Architecture Lighting Design Works

2007 as a designer in Shanghai Lea Lighting Design Ltd, participate in Zhujiajiao town lighting design .


Other Works


Stage lighting design assistant in Shanghai Jinxing Modern Dance Company cooperation with Stanford University.

Stage lighting designer for Shanghai Tango at Shanghai Jinxing Modern Dance Company in Italian tour.


Kun opera 1699 Peach Blossom Fan, stage lighting design assistant, Jiangsu Performing Art Company, Hong Kong arts festival in 2007.


Classmate Zhao Ping, act the best friend of Zhao Ping, direct by Tian Qinxin.

Musical The song of Movie, stage technical assistant, China central television movie channel


Life Show, stage manager and stage manager


Crazy Text Messages, technology manager and stage manager

Have It Both Ways, stage,manager


Riddler, Dadawa Hong Kong Music Theater, assistant director, producted by Leisure and Cultural Services Department Hong Kong.


Hurricane, assistant producer, National Theatre of China.



September 2010 the book Stage lighting design methods and skills won the first teaching achievement prizes at the excellent teaching award in 2010 Shanghai Theater Academy.

 July 2010the drama Only one woman won lighting design award of “learns award” in Shanghai stage art society.

August 2009 the musical Whitehead Leaf Monkey  won the best lighting design, stage design and Golden osmanthus award at Guangxi theater contest.

November 2005 dance play Open Country won the best lighting design award at the fifth lotus cup of Chinese dance competition.

September 2005 the drama Obtained People Secretary won the best lighting design award at the 10th Henan drama contest.



2014  A Bird's - Eye View of The World  published on E-PERFORMING ARTS in 2014 phase 2

October 2010 Bright Impression of Opera Tour published on Opera magazine in 2010 phase 2

Theatre Glossary, co-editor, Published by Chinese drama in 2008.

January 2005 Olympic New Horizon, published in the Stage Artist 2004 phase 2

 January 2004 Projection, translator, published in the first phase of the Art Technology

Tan Hua Studio